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1.16 Anarchy Minecraft Server

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About the Server is a server intended to test the limits of vanilla Minecraft servers. We are the only public, non-whitelisted vanilla server without a pre-established community currently running on 1.16. There are no gameplay-altering, cosmetic or optimisation plugins just unmoderated vanilla gameplay.

TrueVanilla started off without any modifications to the game at all although within a couple weeks the server was unplayable and constantly crashing due to overuse of packet-based movement hacks. In order to keep the server playable we run a custom patch which prevents extreme abuse of hacks like timer. This was implemented to preserve the vanilla ideals of the server, instead of simply installing a full anticheat plugin.

You can donate here to help support the running of this unique server. We need a certain amount of donations each month to stay afloat and there are other financial considerations than just hosting bills. If you donate $5 USD or more, you will receive perks on our Discord server as a reward. However, there are no in-game perks for donating. Please leave your Discord tag in the note for your donation to receive the perks.

You can also support us with Bitcoin. Contact us on Discord for information.

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